the Eagle Master comes to see the Alligator Master, looking for the World Destruction Committee and the Destruct Code. The Eagle Master then scolds Naja and Rhi'a for failing to apprehend the World Destruction Committee and abducting the Destruct Code, so he relieves them of their duties and searches for the Destruct Code himself. Later, Naja and Rhi'a wonder if the World Destruction Committee really will cause world annihilation. It is revealed that Rhi'a's homeland is location in the valley on the continent of winter snow. Kyrie, Morte, and Taupy board Agan's ship once again to head toward the continent. Naja is told that Rhi'a is heading toward the valley, while the Alligator Master is on his way as well. Meanwhile, Kyrie, Morte, and Taupy are hiking up a mountain that leads toward the valley, when it is noticed that Taupy is succumbing to hibernating. The three encounter Rhi'a, who is enraged to see them there. Morte engages in battle against Rhi'a, while Kyrie carries Taupy to safety. Morte drops the Destruct Code durin the battle. The Alligator Master appears and blasts a cannon toward Rhi'a, causing her to fall in the depths of the valley. Therfore, Naja dives in the depths in an attempt to save her. The Alligator Master locates the Destruct Code, and he manages to retrieve it, cackling at Kyrie, Morte, and Taupy.