This is the thirteenth episode in Sands of Destruction by Sega. Naja and Rhi'a end up in the Labyrinth of Memories, where Rhi'a has a memory of her childhood in which she was helped by a man who looked like Kyrie with red hair 300 years ago. Meanwhile, the Eagle Master finds out that the Alligator has the Destruct Code. So, the Alligator Master bestows the Destruct Code, demanding the custody of the World Destruction Committee in exchange. Nonetheless, Kyrie, Morte, and Taupy manage to escape from the World Salvation Committee, ultimately returning back into the Labyrinth of Memories. They are followed by the Eagle Master, who then fires a rocket launcher at Kyrie, blowing a hole in the wall of the labyrinth which Kirie falls into. Kirie has recalls to the moment when Reve died in the battle, where he meets himself with red hair. The red-haired Kyrie tells the blond-haired Kryie that the black orb in Morte's ownership is merely a decoy. Meanwhile, Morte and Taupy, who have been captured by the Eagle Master, are being torture to leak information regarding the Destruct Code. After Kirie wakes up, Naja and Rhi'a, surprised to see with red hair. The Alligator Master, behind them reveals that Kyrie himself is indeed the Destruct Code. Rhi'a engages in a fight with the Alligator Master, defeating him. Kyrie turns into sand and dashes to save Morte and Taupy from the Eagle Master. He reveals the secret that he is the true Destruct Code, rather than the black orb that was given to Morte. He further explains that the Destruct Code contained all his memories, and it would activate when there was someone who truly wanted world annihilation. Kirie then proceeds to start destroying the world, turning everything into sand striking with bolts of lightning. Morte, Taupy, Naja and Rhi'a all jump aboard the ship of Agan, who was nearby on a trade mission, as he attempts to sail away from the chaos. However, Morte leaps toward Kyrie, giving him a sign of affection, after she realizes that she no long wishes for the world to be destroyed. This restores Kyrie to his normal self, halting the activation of the Destruct Code.