Shin appears in episode 03 of the anime. He is a Adult Beastmen working in a prison in Bornak as guard, observe the prisoner Aya being attacked by the guard Gorilla and decides to help, showing a love interest for her.
The second time the same problem occurs with the guard Gorilla, Shin fails to help Aya prisoner, but instead Morte involved the attack with great force, thus saving Aya.

Later that night, Shin approaches Aya cell to deliver a first aid kit (Result of the first attack guard gorilla), the same time have a slight concern interaction of each other.
The next night (after the second attack Gorilla Guard) Shin prepares an escape tunnel for Aya, so release from prison beast led by men who are bad with humans, knowing that he could be adversely affected by the situation .

After leaving the cell Aya, the same is directed to plan how to help Morte, Kyrie Toppi and to escape, he realizes that they needed weapons, goes in search of them when suddenly, Morte immobilized him against the wall, without realizing that he was who would help them escape, they take it hostage to harass the other guards and get out of there without realizing that the head of the prison would come catch them unaware that Shin injured during the situation, Aya is captured by the Chief of the prison, and then Morte throws Toppi to stop, Shin after that he help Aya and manage to escape in the end knowing that Shin wanted help from the beginning.

Afterwards, him with Aya like to thank the three and walk into the sunrise holding hands.

He is seen in episode 13, helping to move items in the new town being bossed by Lya.

The not appear in the manga and the video game.