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20px-Japan September 25, 2008
20px-America January 12, 2010


Nintendo DS




Role Playing Game

Sands of Destruction(ワールド・デストラクション~導かれし意思~ Wārudo Desutorakushon ~Michibikareshi Ishi~, or "World Destruction: Guided Wills") is the third game released by Imageepoch, and the first by Imageepoch to be published by Sega in both Japan and North America.

The game revolves around Kyrie , the main male protagonist of the series who possesses the power to destroy the world, while not knowing why. Morte , the main female protagonist on the other hand is part of an organization set to destroy the world, and decides to use Kyrie for her wish to demolish the world. Along the way they meet many new and old friends, along with terrifying foes opposing them, and discover a darker secret alongside the creation and destruction of the world.



  • The original rough copy of the story was intended to be much darker and violent than the final product of the game. Ferals adressed the humans as food, and in many scenes human characters were eaten and killed. The developers quickly scrapped the idea in fear of it being too morbid for younger audiences and receiving a restricted rating from Japans CERO, and altered it to appeal to a broader range of audiences.
  • The anime is noticibly much different than the game in terms of storyline, maybe due to the fact the anime was released before the game did.
  • The romantic relationship between Morte and Kyrie is much more prominent in the game than anime, as well as Lia's calm personality and Naja's occasional violent rages seemed to have switched in the anime.
  • The Key designers  who previously worked on Xenogears[1] along with former staff from Grandia[2], Drakengard[3], and Etrian Odyssey[4] were part of the development team that helped create the game.


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