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Ri a-Doragunēru








5'2" (1.58m)


300 year



Preferred Weapon


Rhi'a is a female dragon Feral who looks young, but has actually lived for over 300 years. As the last survivor of the dragon race, she believes she must live to see the end of world, because dragons must witness the beginning and the end. She wields a pair of handguns and is able to grow wings, tail, and horns when she is enraged. She is intrigued by Kyrie and in the anime she has a crush on kryie. All her magic and attack names are music themed, but she otherwise shows no signs of being musically inclined. In the game, she also has precognitive abilities, but the traditions of the Dragons won't allow her to do anything to change the future she sees. In the anime, she has a very short temper that is only kept in check by her respect for Naja. She is quick to use brute force over words on either ferals or humans. In the anime, she and Naja are members of the World Salvation Committee, a group who's goals are keep the world from being destroyed.

Traits and ClothingEdit

Like Kyrie, she has short blonde hair. She wears hairpins near her forehead and has purple nubs on the sides of her head that are actually horns! She wears earings and wears 2 white gloves with black palms. Each one has a purple cross. As you can see, she wears an outfit simular to a maid's clothing. She also wears a purple ribbon on her shoes and shirt. Her lower body consist of her dress and heels that she wears along with kneesocks which cover her legs. She wears a maid shirt with yellow buttons and a brown belt with a black circle containing an X. The back of her shirt is open to reveal a set of scales, as to make it easy to transform into her dragon-like state.


She uses a pair of handguns to destroy foes, which is what her flurries and Finishing Attack are based off of. Chaining all of her flurries will net you 26 attacks straight in a row, the biggest chain possible. It is useful for using Finishing Attacks and for killing off enemies with high HP or defense. Her Blow attacks are based on her dragon side. Her Finishing Attack, Requiem In E, is named after Mozart's final piece. She transforms into her dragon state, soaring up into the air, attack all foes with a storm of bullets if the bar is yellow. If the bar is blue, she also fires lasers to add with the storm of bullets.


Blood Skills Edit

Name Description Ability
Silky Voice Damage target with a blue shock wave Addle
Dragon Voice Damage target with a red shock wave Stun
Psycho Voice Damage target with a black shock wave Leech
Song of Demise A mournful song that dooms its victims Weaken

Life Skills Edit

Name Description
Cleasing Song Heal HP and cure all debuffs
Alluring Voice Temporarily regenerates HP
Crystal Voice Temporarily inmune to debuffs
Silent Song Temporarily prevents elemental damage