Reve Ursehla
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Reiben Ashterah









Reve Ursela (Reiben Ashterah) is the older brother of Morte Asherah.


Like his sister, he has brown eyes and brown hair, although sticking straight up. During his short time with the Golden Lions, he wore a long robe up to his knees, a navy blue with the center being red. A normal brown belt buckle, along with white pants and brown leather gauntlets. Before his recruitment into the Golden Lions he wore a simple blue sleeveless t-shirt, with white pants. He also carried a light brown satchel.


He is a kind, couragous and strong person, slightly rash to try and change how the world worked and the Ferals controlling them, which caused his recruitment with the Golden Lions.

During his recruitment with the Golden Lions, at one point he discovered the Destruct code and took him to their base. Convinced that he could change the world, he sent a message for Agan to relay to his sister that he was able to change the world, and she had only needed to wait a little longer. This happiness however was not long-lived and the base was under attack by the World Salvation Committee and confronted the Destruct Code yet again before heading out to help his teammates. He seemed surprised that he was still inside the base and had not moved to the city yet, with the Destruct Code's reaction being, "I wanted to see if you could really change the world.". He asked for him to find a better place to hide from the Ferals, and dashed out to help in the battlefield. A stray fire that caught up to barrels of gunpowder urged him to attempt to put the fire out, but by then it was too late, and he got caught up in the explosion, leading to his death. When the Destruct Code's memory medium dropped down to beside his body, it was believed to belong to him, and eventually was gained in possession of Morte.