The forces of this world stem from the Sea, Zephyr, Earth, and Sun Primals.

The Primal Lords are the four deities created by the Creator and responsible for controlling the different elements of the world, Azure Sea for water, Golden Earth for land, Jade Zephyr for Wind, and Crimson Sun for fire respectively.

The Primal lords do not make an appearance in the anime, although are often worshiped or protected by Ferals and Humans alike, due to catastrophic results once a Primal lord has been "slain". The Primal lords are immortal much like Kyrie , and revert into an Egg Forme once their physical bodies have been destroyed. The deaths of their physical forms accelerates the speed at which the world is degrading into sand, so most Ferals and Humans prefer to leave them alone. They are generally passive, and will only attack when someone harms them.