The first dungeon in the game, located on Sphir, being the only access to Barni after the Zetska Manor incident. At first Kyrie is sent here to gather sandcaps for Agni, and must traverse through thin pathways with rivers and small ponds of sand. There is one rock that can be interacted with to continue on. In the north-west most part of the dungeon, there is a healing point. Past the healing point in the opening triggers a boss scene.


Giant Scorpion, Mirror Scorpion, Larva, Dust Larva, Sand Doppeltoad.

Drops: Antidote, Lesser Remedy, Smelling Salts

Boss: Sandwhale

Post-Chamber of Knights :Edit

Sand Sucker, Fen Sucker, Banefly, Bog Toad, Sand Toad, Yellowshell, Blueclaw, Rottail, Hardhusk

Drops: Smelling Salts, Antidote, Greater Elixer, Soft hide, Light feather, Ragged feather, Hard claw, Earthstone 


When first entering the dungeon, to the left are three barrels, and the top-most barrel that you can interact with will give Lesser Remedy. After interacting with the rock to the left, continuing on the path will be a chest that gives you Lesser Tonic x2. Continuing on the path from the first fight scene to the right fork will find a chest with Stoneskin Potion x2. Before reaching the healing point, going south will obtain Waterstone Shard x3

Boss - SandwhaleEdit

Kyrie will give clues as to Sandwhales normally are weak to water, so if Waterstone Shards were picked up before this fight, it will be a great asset. The boss is only capable of doing physical moves and is similar to enemies found outside the fight.

Reward: Yellow Ore