Jade Zephyr

Winds, heed me now!

Jade Zephyr is one of the four Primal Lords and the last encountered.

Jade Zephyr resides within the Valley of Dragons, in the Tower of Wind. She appears to know the Destruct and is not afraid to be slain, like the other Primal Lords. She reverts into an Egg Forme when slain and is untouched. The power of wind is transferred to Kyrie with no battle purpose, but it is the final element needed for Kyrie to use his powers to create, instead of destroying. Soon after the World Anhilliation Front recieves orders to return to Lacertus Rex , and they leave the area.


Much like the enemies in the Tower of Wind, she is an airborne enemy and requires characters to use Air Flurries or Air Blows to attack. She starts off with a wind shield around her, and if destroyed it will return with certain skills. Lulling Zephyr inflicts Sleep on everyone unless the characters are protected from debuffs. Ill Wind and Battle Boost II can inflict Poison status and can reduce a character's HP to 1. Ill Wind without Battle Boost II will attack all characters with small damage and inflicting Sleep or Poison status. The wind barrier is reliant on the damage of attacks, rather than the amount of attacks you make.