Fight, Destruct. Prove that now is the hour of our reckoning!
The Golden Earth is one of the four Primal Lords and is the second encountered.

Golden Earth

The Golden Earth dwells within Mechto, in the Tower of Earth. His battle depends on the player's actions in the Tower of Earth. If the player decides to attack all Strange Boulders encountered in the Tower of Earth, then the first fight scene will initiate. If the player decides to not harm the Strange Boulders then the second fight scene will initiate. He is one of the most violent of the four Primal Lords and like the other three, recognises the Destruct and is not afraid to die by him. After defeating the Golden Earth, he reverts into his Egg Forme like the Azure Sea and is untouched. He passes the power of earth to Kyrie , but like before, it cannot be used in any way whatsoever in battle. Naja appears soon after and surrenders himself to the World Anhilliation Front, and they are on their way to the Winter Isle and the Valley of Dragons.

Fight IEdit

This fight is initiated if you have destroyed all the Strange Boulders that were incountered in the Tower of Earth. He may attack all characters with Rock II which deals low-mediocre damage. Clay III targets one character. Being hit by one of his fists can Paralyze a character. He also has Defiance and may use Untiring Guard, dealing very low damage against him. When his health is lowered he may start to use Battle Boost II that will initiate his special attack and Divine Ward.

Fight IIEdit

This fight is initated if you have left the Strange Boulders alone. It is slightly more difficult than Fight I. Stone status can be inflicted during this battle. Gaia's Wrath can deal 40-100 HP and will Delay a character or two. This attack may also be activated twice in a row. Physical attacks can deal high damage and inflict Delay to a character. Dust to Dust deals Stone status on a character unless they have the equipment to counter it. Burnt Offering deals around 50 HP but will heal Golden Earth around 150-200 HP. Divine Ward and Battle Boost II is also possible.