Child of man... The Destruct's fate now lies with your own.

Crimson Sun

The Crimson Sun is one of the four Primal Lords and one of the most important.

The Crimson Sun resides in Lyse, in the Tower of Light. He was the one responsible of watching over the Destruct, and protecting him when the Destruct's life was in danger. He is shown to not care about the Destruct's human emotions, and only wants him to serve his purpose of existing. He also was the one who harbored the Destruct Code, until the World Annihilation Front came after Kyrie's death to find a way to bring him back. As they ask why Kyrie could not be brought back to life, he explains how although he had the Destruct Code, Kyrie would not respond to him and refuse to be brought back to life. Morte's feelings eventually reached Kyrie, and the Destruct Code was then passed down onto Morte, and the Crimson Sun himself was transferred into Kyrie as the element of fire. After this Kyrie gains the ability to use swords along with new skills and his appearance changes when in battle. The Crimson Sun appears alongside him whenever he activates his Special Attack or skills. Part of the Crimson Sun still resides within the Tower of Light, which is now the Tower of Shadow .

It was also revealed that Uncle Agni was indeed the Crimson Sun, who watched Kyrie all this time in Barni Village.