Destruct. You must be tested; washed of impurity by my waves. Prepare yourself!

The Azure Sea is one of the four Primal Lords in the game, and the first that is encountered.


Azure Sea.

The Azure Sea dwells within Viteau, being the reason why Viteau is a city full of water. The way into his lair, the Azure Tower, can only be accessed by noblemen with permits, often Ferals. Like the other three, he appears to know the Destruct and is not afraid to be slain by him, although he is one of the most calm of the four Primal Lords. After being slain, he reverts into an Egg Forme and is left alone by the World Anhilliation Front, transfering Kyrie the power of water (Although it does not serve any use in the game whatsoever). The World Anhilliation Front then recieves orders through the messages from the sky to slay the Golden Earth next. Rhi'a soon joins the party after.


The Azure Sea consists of two parts- the head and the body above the water. If the body is attacked first to 0 health, the head drops down to ground level, so it is optional whenever you want to attack the head or the body. The head being defeated is a requirement to slay the Azure Sea. Purifying Rain damages little health, but it removes buffs placed on characters. Tempest damages the character while inducing Confusion. (If you have items against Confusion, it does not apply.) Bolt of Judgement's damage varies from 35-165 HP. Untiring Guard activates when his health is below 50%, during the duration attacks may not be very effective. Battle Boost II  can activate his special attack that will deal damage and Confusion status to characters. He can also heal himself.