Agan is a childhood friend of Morte who wields a whip in battle. He's a member of the Sand Tribe, being the chief's son. He used to be second in command of the Golden Lions, a human resistance group fighting the ferals, but it took a member's betrayal to make him abandon the group. It was revealed in his backstory that he was motivated to join the Golden Lions because a Feral friend from his childhood treated him cruelly when they met as adult
s. Agan's mother is the Chief of the Sand Tribe, and he is next in line for the role of leader. In the anime, he's a smuggler with no prior connection to Morte, and continues to run into the World Destruction Committee by chance.

Body Traits and Clothing TrendsEdit

On his face, you can see a pair of arrows crossing each other. His flaming red hair is covered by a green naval cap. He wears a long, green overcoat with one singular tail brushing the floor. Underneath that is an orange turtle-neck shirt and blue pants adorned with a belt.


Agan is kind of laid back, but can get angered quickly with an enemy saying the wrong words to him, kind of like putting a delinquent, Alex Russo, and Morte in a blender and blended it up. He is tied for the most mature person in the party along with Naja. Consider him a normal 18 year old man with a whip and a spritz of short temper.


In terms of Blood Skills, he is ,Shockingly, the only party member knowing Earth Skills, and a very good one! You think that Morte might know some since both of them grew in the Sand Tribe, but I bet that if you ask her if she knows some personally, she would scratch her head and be more stumped than a dead tree! His Blood skills are mostly sandstorms or gritty toxic mists that either chole or blind their victims. Ironically, the only Blood Skill that isn't one of these is the starter skill, Desert Horn, which just basically shoot razor-sharp horn-shaped stalactites at a foe. His Life Skills are impressive,as he has some very exclusive skills. Take for instance Wall Of Stone, which blocks magic and physical damage for a short time. He also has the only speed boost in the party.